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Tax Consultants & Representatives

Strongsville, Ohio • (440) 238-9661


The following is a partial list of services available:

Provide timely tax consulting for individuals, small, mid-size, and large multinational corporate taxpayers prior to the preparation of their annual income tax return(s).
Provide assistance with IRS Service Center inquiries and/or formal notices.
Provide pre-filing review of income tax returns.
Provide consultation, assistance, and/or representation to a taxpayer that may come under audit by the IRS.
Provide guidance and/or attendance at audit planning meetings (pre-audit), as well as assistance in the review and drafting of the Taxpayer/IRS Audit Agreement section (Part I) of the IRS audit plan.
Provide specialized tax expertise from a pool of experienced tax professionals, in a team approach when warranted.
Represent client/taxpayers before IRS and/or IRS Appeals with regards to disputed audit issues.
Provide consultation to taxpayers or representatives who may be before IRS and/or IRS Appeals.
Provide tax-planning assistance (both domestic and international)
Provide assistance to taxpayers who wish to participate in the (new) Pre-filing Agreement Program with the IRS.
Provide assistance with Offer & Compromise Agreements.
Provide assistance in reducing and/or eliminating penalty issues or assessments.
Provide assistance with respect to Estate and Gift planning and/or audits.
Provide International assistance with Foreign Transfer Pricing Agreements.
Provide International assistance with respect to determining Foreign Source Income required in computing the allowable Foreign Tax Credit.
Provide International assistance with U.S. Competent Authority matters.

Recently, the news media indicated that; Getting help at IRS is like traipsing a maze. Lavdas Tax Group, LLC can help you!

Are you frustrated by missed tax-saving opportunities? Lavdas Tax Group, LLC can help you manage your tax burden. We will work with you to help develop tax-smart strategies that will help you keep more of your hard-earned dollars. Like tax laws, your finances are constantly changing. We can help simplify complex laws, and keep you abreast of new rules, and explain strategies to help you keep more of your hard-earned money.


Tax Consultants & Representatives

15300 Pearl Road, Suite 120 Strongsville, Ohio, USA 44136
(440) 238-9661
Fax: (440) 238-9662
E-mail: peter.lavdas@lavdastaxgroup.com

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