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About the Founder

Peter A. Lavdas is a certified public accountant specialized in Federal tax law. He founded the Lavdas Tax Group, LLC, after retiring from the IRS in 2001. He completed over 40 years of distinguished government service with the Internal Revenue Service (Examination Division), including an Honorable Discharge in 1966, from the United States Army. He holds a BSBA Degree, with a major in Accounting. He is a (Practicing) Public Accountant licensed by the Accountancy Board of Ohio, and is a member of the Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants (OSCPA). In addition, he holds a Certificate of Enrollment, issued by the United States Treasury Department, to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. The following are some of the responsible positions, which were held by Peter during his audit career with the Internal Revenue Service;
LMSB (Large & Mid-size Business) Team Leader
CEP (Coordinated Examination Program) Case Manager
International Regional Program Manager
International (Key District) Group Manager
International Examiner
District Appeals Conferee
Internal Revenue Agent

Peter has had tax experience in most industries during his IRS career (ie, manufacturing, natural resources, financials, communications, etc.). Some of the more complex tax issues he experienced are;
Acquisition valuation issues
Capitalization issues
Section 482 International allocation issues
Abusive corporate tax shelter issues
Foreign tax credit issues (including sourcing)
Puerto Rican pricing allocation issues
Investment tax credit issues

Peter has participated in the Simultaneous Examination Program with various tax treaty countries concerned with abusive use of foreign tax havens by multinational corporate taxpayers. Plus, he has participated with U.S. Competent Authority Analysts in the resolution of section 482 international allocation issues. He also successfully participated in the pilot Pre-filing Agreement Program with some of the largest U.S. corporate taxpayers.

In his positions as LMSB Team Leader and CEP Case Manager, Peter managed several team audits simultaneously. The teams generally included a Team Coordinator, Team Member Revenue Agent(s), and a multitude of specialists such as; Computer Audit Specialist (CAS), Engineer(s), Economist(s), International Examiner(s), Financial Products Specialist(s), LIFO Specialist, Employment Tax Specialist, as well as Pension and Excise Tax Specialists. The audits generally involved the large multinational corporate taxpayers in the country. Peter is also experienced in all levels of IRS tax matters from individuals, pass-through entities, as well as small, mid-size, and large corporate taxpayers.

While with IRS, Peter had served as an instructor at a number of (internal) international training classes for new International Examiners. He also served as management facilitator of the annual CPE (Continuing Professional Education) training for Cleveland District and later Ohio District's large case examiners. Peter has been a speaker at the annual District Director's night hosted by the Cleveland Chapter of TEI (Tax Executive Institute). While in his position as International (Key District) Manager, Peter was invited by the Detroit Chapter of TEI, as their guest speaker, to address their members with respect to IRS's International Enforcement Program and pertinent international tax issue areas. Peter actively attends the monthly CPE Caucus Group meetings put on by the Cleveland Chapter of the OSCPA, as well as other CPE seminars.


Tax Consultants & Representatives

15300 Pearl Road, Suite 120 Strongsville, Ohio, USA 44136
(440) 238-9661
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